I created this site to not only to help protect future victims

That are being scammed out of money and the heartache of having a false relationship with someone that is lying to you but to also protect my own family and friends. I thought this would go away after a while but this has been going on for about 7 years. Somehow, they continue to use pictures of my son and I and stories of my life and my business to cheat and steal from others. I sincerely hope this helps. I’ve been made aware of probably close to a 100 fake facebook profiles over the years using my pictures. I’ve heard from countless women that have been victims and I wanted to create a site that would make it easier to search the photos and find out the truth and hopefully protect others from becoming victims.

Some of the stories I’ve heard in the past

Is that I am in a different county overseeing a construction site of a steel building and something terrible happened and the building came down and locals were killed and I’m being held hostage now. Often they will say the night before I am finally coming back to the states and to a place to finally meet whomever they are trying to scam, I was mugged, my son was shot, and they have my passport. So they ask for money enough to help get me back home. It’s disgusting and sad. Please don’t believe any of it.

Scammers are everywhere

Sadly enough, you can’t even go online and try to buy a dog without scammers saying they have a puppy mill somewhere over seas and they no longer have the funds to keep it open and all the dogs or puppies are going to be put down. If you only pay the price of shipping a puppy to you, you can have it for free. I know this is off topic but my point is, this is one of thousands of scams out there and it’s been affecting my life and friends for too long so I hope this helps protect others. They will probably just find some other guys pictures and life story to steal though. I’ve even seen fake passports that have my picture in them that look very real.

A little about the real me

I’m the proud single father of two amazing boys. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I am the owner of Steel Building Pros which is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA but does business throughout the U.S. and occasionally overseas. I am a single Christian man. I love going on cruises and seeing sites all over the world. If you have been in contact with the real me, you will be able to call me, facetime or skype me and see for yourself. I will not ask you for money to help save me from a crisis, never have and I never will.

Protect yourself!

If you can’t quickly connect with the person and see their face live on video chat, don’t trust the person. Nowadays, it’s way too easy with technology to connect and see someone in live-time. I hope this helps. I wish you all the best.

A note to the scammers

Get a real job. Quit stealing from others. What you are doing is terribly wrong and you are hurting people. You may think it’s okay but it’s not. Please stop. I will be posting the common tactics and photos you are using from now on to help prevent you from victimizing more innocent people.

Stolen photos & fake online profiles

Most of these photos are a bit older. There are plenty more images and profiles out there, I'm just adding what I have came across so far. The fact is, I keep entirely too busy with my business to keep up with this but felt the need to try to do something to help others.

New scam we haven’t seen before

From: [redacted] Date: 12/6/17 6:29 AM (GMT-05:00) To: Rod Hobbs <> Subject:   Good day Mr Hobbs   I am really truly sorry to barge in like that.   I am mailing you from South Africa.   I was one of victims that was caught in this.   The new things this guy chats you up and state he sended a gift and gave a waybill number with a gift and 15000 pound in the package. He sends the package from the UK to Dubai and it stops by C-town where a guy calls me back from a 065 9888487 with an American accent stating The package is heave and I have to Pay R3500.  I called Cape town airport andthey stated they had a similar call just 10 minutes   Luckily I got suspicious and saw the address he was given in your name and email address and I could not find the address on google maps in the UK. I cornered him all with questions which he then could not answered and just suddenly I did not hear anything from him. That made me suspicions is I asked him about his boy and he was quiet, I asked him why he has no friends on Facebook which he said it is not his style.   Well so basically, I did not pay anything and I could not get his original details. So I send you the details he used I just actually wanted to make you aware again. Well you can update on this webpage if you want. But thank you youre website helped. I have reported the facebook profiles and blocked him everywhere I could. I just feel stupid the I fell for him. he got some photos of me i just hope something like this will not happen to me. my facebook was not open to the public not sure how he got my details   Anyway details as requested not sure if this will be of interest.   Courier services : waybill : 18630TM   Your details as follows : Ferdinard van Bruyn +44 7448821820 4 Churchill avenue, uppermost forest London 1121 (no existing)    

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