I created this site to not only to help protect future victims

That are being scammed out of money and the heartache of having a false relationship with someone that is lying to you but to also protect my own family and friends. I thought this would go away after a while but this has been going on for about 7 years. Somehow, they continue to use pictures of my son and I and stories of my life and my business to cheat and steal from others. I sincerely hope this helps. I’ve been made aware of probably close to a 100 fake facebook profiles over the years using my pictures. I’ve heard from countless women that have been victims and I wanted to create a site that would make it easier to search the photos and find out the truth and hopefully protect others from becoming victims.

Some of the stories I’ve heard in the past

Is that I am in a different county overseeing a construction site of a steel building and something terrible happened and the building came down and locals were killed and I’m being held hostage now. Often they will say the night before I am finally coming back to the states and to a place to finally meet whomever they are trying to scam, I was mugged, my son was shot, and they have my passport. So they ask for money enough to help get me back home. It’s disgusting and sad. Please don’t believe any of it.

Scammers are everywhere

Sadly enough, you can’t even go online and try to buy a dog without scammers saying they have a puppy mill somewhere over seas and they no longer have the funds to keep it open and all the dogs or puppies are going to be put down. If you only pay the price of shipping a puppy to you, you can have it for free. I know this is off topic but my point is, this is one of thousands of scams out there and it’s been affecting my life and friends for too long so I hope this helps protect others. They will probably just find some other guys pictures and life story to steal though. I’ve even seen fake passports that have my picture in them that look very real.

A little about the real me

I’m the proud single father of two amazing boys. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I am the owner of Steel Building Pros which is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA but does business throughout the U.S. and occasionally overseas. I am a single Christian man. I love going on cruises and seeing sites all over the world. If you have been in contact with the real me, you will be able to call me, facetime or skype me and see for yourself. I will not ask you for money to help save me from a crisis, never have and I never will.

Protect yourself!

If you can’t quickly connect with the person and see their face live on video chat, don’t trust the person. Nowadays, it’s way too easy with technology to connect and see someone in live-time. I hope this helps. I wish you all the best.

A note to the scammers

Get a real job. Quit stealing from others. What you are doing is terribly wrong and you are hurting people. You may think it’s okay but it’s not. Please stop. I will be posting the common tactics and photos you are using from now on to help prevent you from victimizing more innocent people.

Stolen photos & fake online profiles

Most of these photos are a bit older. There are plenty more images and profiles out there, I'm just adding what I have came across so far. The fact is, I keep entirely too busy with my business to keep up with this but felt the need to try to do something to help others.

Victim’s story

From: **** Sent: Monday, January 08, 2018 11:36 AM To: Rod Hobbs <> Subject: MY STORY I have never told my story anywhere else, It started in 2014 and lasted for two and a half years. I was originally contacted on Facebook. The person had a profile with your photos (who went around the world thanks to the scammers). I did not know anything about this type of scam. I thought Facebook profiles were strictly personal. The man who contacted me had an ideal profile to catch lonely hearts … a widower, an independent contractor and businessman who travels a lot and an adorable son named Perry. The person said that he lived in Cardiff and called me with a phone number that matched. A month of pleasant and very courteous exchange, then a trip to India and here is the tragedy that happens: an assault and stolen documents and all of his money. He needed help and sent an SOS for to help. This time they called me from India with a number matching India. At first, I am asked for small amounts of money and as I decide to help, I am thanked warmly. The contact is very nice, Nelson promises to pay me back upon his return to Cardiff. I have very courteous messages with soft words every day, phone calls, pictures (always of you) and your son. Then, I am contacted to announce that I must have a package with beautiful gifts of value to thank me. There is a Fedex messenger who seeks to come and deliver this famous package. I was on vacation in my home country and the messenger calls me very stressed that it is blocked at the customs in my country. He is very polite, introduces himself with a foreign name and speaks in English. In the meantime, I get full messages from my FB correspondent with the request to pay the customs fee via FedEx. I call Customs, which confirms they need to pay a tax on valuable parcels. The messenger calls me more and more stressed several times a day, I have calls and messages from my FB friend who is waiting for the delivery of this package with impatience and I am under significant pressure. I forget that I’m on vacation because I would like to solve the problem … I’m looking for savings and I send the requested fee. Except that my vacation ends and I return without parcels. Finally, it is my “benefactor” (according to his message) which is delivered. He sends me a paper on which he tells me he will make a transfer from his account in India. He asks me to calculate the amount he owes me. Shortly after, a new person calls me by posing as bank branch manager of The Bank of India. He had the message to proceed with the creation of an account in my name and make a transfer. I am sent a certificate with the logo of the Bank. I am given numbers of my account and when I go on the site of the Bank with the coordinates received, I see my account to be displayed with a nice sum on it. And there I walked, everything seemed “correct”. I have sent sums whose amount I did not calculate, I do not want to know the amount. Does trust come at a price? “Nelson” called me by making promises to come see me, I had to book a hotel (5 stars!). Then he missed the plane (I had the scanned plane ticket) with the schedules and the necessary information. I waited with hope to finally see the Mystery Man who knew how to reassure me, who gives me the feeling to understand me … Everything seemed to stick but it was me who was under a sentimental grip, I saw the facts quite convincing. He sent me songs that I loved, sweet words … comforting messages when I went wrong: all the ingredients of a beautiful story of a romantic crook! But each time there are complications, new scenarios with documents to provide, taxes to pay. I even received a key by a registered letter from London. She had to open a safe with precious objects and papers … I was in a tale of Thousand and One Nights! I could give a lot more details that brought me on the way to a slow and safe descent to the gates of hell…To the point that I did not know how to stop because I was under a mental manipulation and I lived between the dream and the reality. It was a very difficult time for me and as if the presence of this person brought me sentimental comfort. Paid at the price of my trust, naïveté, illusions … Call it what you want. I find it too sad to live in a world based on money, false appearances, false feelings, and words! An easy victim! It lasted more than two years. I was under emotional pressure, I needed comfort so much and curiously I felt I was understood, it was a form of contact that had become so important to me in a time of great loneliness. I was trapped and I fell into the trap … After a long silence, the person (Nelson) called me. He wrote me again a year ago to confess that he was in fact still in love with me and to tell me about his feelings towards me. He said he felt guilty and he also had accomplices and that he would repair the financial damage as soon as he could. Except that I never had a single cent in return. I am so sorry that your site did not exist yet !!! I lost a lot of time, energy, emotions and I had unprecedented financial difficulties. But the worst part is taking a part of my soul and burning my heart with a hot iron. If I contact you it is also that I am happy to know that you are one real person and that all your pictures reflect one real personality, not one imagined man. I know that you are also a victim in one way or another because it has hurt your personal and public relations. I know that it is emotional wear to justify you constantly in front of the victims of this type of scam, it takes time to answer all the people who write to you. I see that the network of crooks is very powerful, it’s like the dragon of seven heads that repel as soon as they are cut. This story marked me deeply and has made me suffer. I wrote all this now because I watched your video (one very good idea!), I read new stories from several people from different continents. It was very important for me to share my story on your site, because tell its story and get “under the eye of the Internet” it’s not so easy, but it’s important to talk about it … if at least it could help someone avoid being trapped. Thank you for reading!  

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